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Houndstooth Fabric

History of Houndstooth Fabric:
The houndstooth fabric (houndstooth check fabric) derives from Welsh Prince woolen fabric. Duke Windsor is the first celebrity who wears it. This kind of woolen fabric is popular with England aristocrat in 19-20 century. Then Christian Dior brings it to the fashion show. In 1948, Mr. Dior used houndstooth check on the packing boxes to perfume, and give it a beautiful name-- Houndstooth Check.

Description of Houndstooth Fabric:
The pointed check effect is produced by the 2 up - 2 down twill and yarns of contrasting colors in groups of four in both, the warp and the filling. The broken check pattern resembles the jagged back teeth of a hound. It is a broken or jagged check pattern of small or medium size. The woven design looks like a quadrangular star. It is usually made from wool with a broken twill weave. It has natural stretch than a jersey knit. This kind of houndstooth fabric is elastic with pilling resistance, wrinkle resistance. Besides, its environmental-friendly index has meets the European standard. It has a soft hand feeling.


Houndstooth Fabric

Characteristics of Houndstooth Fabric (Houndstooth Check Fabric): 
1. It is broken check pattern. 
2. The design looks like a quadrangular star.
3. It is natural stretch with soft and comfortable hand feeling.
3. Has natural stretch. 
4. Soft and comfortable

Ingredients: Wool Woolen Fabric
Applications: It is mainly used for women clothes of winter and fall. 
Packing: Roll pack or as per customer's request
Note: Can't be washed, only dry cleaning

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