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About us

Brief Introduction:
Jiangsu Hongmao company is a professional comprehensive manufacturer and trade company in China. Our company supplies many kinds of wool fabric (flannel fabric, overcoat fabric, melton fabric, velour fabric, twill fabric, plaid fabric etc), cotton yarn, polyester fiber yarn, aluminum profile, and solar panel frame. Founded in 1986, the company produces and sells products for 15 years with good after service. We have two factories: Jiangyin Hongmao Textile, and Jiangyin Nanyang Textile can design and process products with meeting the needs of customers, we can also offer OEM service. Jiansu Hongmao International Trade Co.,ltd produces 1million meters wool fabric, 10,000 tons chemical yarn, 40,000 tons tinplate, and 50,000 tons aluminum profile per year. Our products have exported to many countries, such as: Germany, Italy, America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Morocco, Burma and Vietnam. The product gain great reputation from vast customers with its excellent quality.

Factory equipment in Jingyin Hongmao Textile Factory:
The textile factory possesses fixed assets of 100million RMB covered area of 50000 square meters with more than 800 staff in our company. Our company is good at producing gauze, wool cotton, and chemical fabric. Besides, we are profession in roughly weaving wool with various designs. 138 sets of weaving machines, 3 sets of airflow weaving machines, 5 sets of ingot weaving machines with annual output of woolen cloth of 3 million meters and cotton thread of 5000 tons are owned by us. 
The feature of wool fabric is that it has stable quality and mass production; this kind of products is widely used for making cloth of spring, fall and winter. Moreover, yarn is widely used in various fabric weaving.

Production output in Jingyin Hongmao Alloy Material factory:
Alloy material factory has annual capacity of 60 thousand tons, because of 8 PCS squeeze production line of 660 tons-3600 tons aluminum type material, 4pcs oxidation electrophoresis wires and 3pcs powder spraying production line and a fluorine carbon spraying production line.
The characteristic of tinplate is that it can be made many kinds of cans, including food can, beverage can, paint can and so on. In addition, the Aluminum profile is suitable to roof solar system, construction, and other industries.

Our Quality Control:
1. Our products meet with standard of ISO9001:2000certification
2. All the production lines are supervised by our experienced staff with more than 6 years working experience in this circle. 
3. We have professional Quality Control department; there is also a third-party Quality Control Department to test our products before they are sent out. 

Our Delivery:
Wool fabric: 25-45 days (Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Meters)
Yarn: 30 days (Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Tons)
Tinplate: 15 days (Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Tons)
Aluminum profile: 15 days (Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Tons)
Solar panel frame: 15 days (Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Tons)
Note: Free sample is available; fee is offered by purchasers.